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Try Out Tuesday – Peel & stick wallpaper

June 11, 2024

Back in April, I posted about the beginning of my collaboration with @lovevsdesign ( I was able to select a variety of large samples & see how they worked in the space I planned to wallpaper. After much deliberation, I went with Outlined Peonies! Thank you again to everyone that voted on your favorite!

One of my favorite things about @lovevsdesign is that the wallpaper pattern I loved wasn’t displayed in the color I thought would work best, but you can easily change that! What the website showed as a dark golden color, I changed to a dark green (Irish) & absolutely love how the design & color combination (Irish & Cotton) shows up in the space!

Now, even though the ordering and customizing process was simple, the application process left me & @silsetham insanely frustrated & exhausted. The timelapse may make it look like we breezed through it, but we didn’t. To hang 5 panels, it took over six (6) hours. Plus, if you zoom in, you’ll notice everything doesn’t line up perfectly. I thought that peel & stick wallpaper would be the quickest & easiest, but I think it would actually be traditional wallpaper because you can manipulate it without being afraid it will stick to the wall or itself so intensely that you wouldn’t be able to fix it. Also, because it’s slightly stretchy, I unintentionally warped the design early on, which made the domino effect something I couldn’t come back from – all after that were a little off.

I do plan to add shelves & hang artwork on this wall, so stay tuned for that!

Overall, I love the company & how easy they were to work with. I only wish I had had a better experience with the product itself. If you considered purchasing wallpaper with them, I would suggest the real wallpaper (Glissade). If you still really want peel and stick, go with a pattern you don’t need to worry about matching up too much (i.e. Linen Texture, Painted Weave, Light Grasscloth, etc.).

Finally, a massive shoutout to my husband @silsetham! He isn’t home very often & chose to tackle this project with me instead of doing literally anything else! My gift to him will be to never ask him to do this in our house! 😂

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