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Worth the Hype Wednesday – Transfer-resistant foundation

May 15, 2024

If you watched my Story from the day I received this package, you’ll remember I had no idea it was coming and couldn’t wait to test it out because it sounded like it would be perfect for my skin! Plus, it was PR from a brand I’ve used and loved for years, so who wouldn’t be excited?!

“🔘 …a buildable medium coverage foundation that absorbs sweat and sebum for a natural-looking matte finish, that is both smudge- and transfer-resistant for up to 24 hours.
🔘 Coverage minimizes the appearance of imperfections, redness, acne scars, blemishes and pores
🔘 Available in 40 shades from fair to deep
🔘 …a non-comedogenic foundation in a vegan formula”

Did I get this foundation for free from @urbandecaycosmetics? Yes. Was I super stoked to receive it? Also yes. Is this my fully honest review? Of course, so be confident knowing I mean it when I tell you I love it! My favorite way to apply any liquid foundation is with a damp sponge and this is no exception – plus, I am obsessed with the one they included! The shade match is pretty good, the coverage is exactly the medium level I want (although it can be built up quickly and easily), and it does last all day long on my skin! I have tried this both with and without setting with my favorite mattifying t-zone powder and, while I do notice a difference using a powder to set, the difference is small enough to agree that it does a good job of absorbing sebum. I have also paired with a myriad of primers, concealers, cream bronzers, etc. and it works beautifully with all of them! If you have a skin type that sounds like it would pair well with this formula, be sure you check it out! It also doesn’t hurt that the applicator is super unique and does an excellent job of keeping the entire application process mess-free!

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