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First Impression Friday – High hold hair gel

April 26, 2024


Thank you so much to @bumbleandbumble for sending me your Sumogel to test out!

“This hi-hold, clear gel solid creates clean styles with shine.”

I am an avid review reader, so, as soon as I received this product, I started reading – both on the brand’s and other retailers’ websites. I do that, not only to see if the majority of people like or dislike the product I’m researching, but also to see how people use it – which is sometimes different from how the brand intended on it being used. A lot of people mentioned using it to slick back ponytails, so that’s exactly what I did – even though I generally hate the way I look with my hair slicked back.

I was nervous, initially, because the texture was intimidating. Thankfully, it looks sticky and heavy, it applied much smoother than it looks. I am no expert when it comes to products or hairstyles like this, but I was surprised by how much I need to use to get it to look this OK. It did, however, keep my hair in place for many hours, so at least it had that going for it. If you see white flakes in the photos of my hair, know that those were there before application – it was definitely hair wash day and that’s why I tried this then.

I figured this would be a one and done product for me, I am thinking now I may keep it for super hot summer days when I can’t be bothered to keep pushing the short hairs around my face out of the way. It was slick looking without being crunchy, heavy, or greasy. If this is a type of product you use often, you may really like @bumbleandbumble’s version!

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