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Mane Monday – Strength repair hair care

April 1, 2024

Thank you so much to @garnierusa for sending me some of your new hair care!

“Garnier has recently launched a groundbreaking new hair care product called Hair Filler, a 3-step module that uses new science to repair hair 7 layers deep while remaining accessible to those who may not have the time or money to pursue expensive, salon-based hair repair.”

🔘 Can reverse damage 7 layers deep
🔘 This 4-step or 5-step inner fiber repair collection is made for inside and out repair of damaged hair
🔘 See a noticeable reverse transformation after the first use
🔘 Vegan and sulfate-free
🔘 Can be found on @amazon, at @walmart, @target, @cvspharmacy, @walgreens, and @ultabeauty

It had been years since I had used anything from @garnierusa, but I remember my experience with them fondly, so I couldn’t wait to partner with them for a review of one of the versions of their new line! I was allowed to pick the one I thought would be best for my hair, so I went with the Strength Repair for Damaged Hair (the other options were Moisture Repair for Curly Hair and Color Repair for Dyed Hair). I have used the entire system three (3) times now and haven’t noticed too much of a difference in regard to the first three (3) steps. However, I do like the scent and how my hair feels after, so I will keep using it until it’s all gone and will give a final update in a future empties post. Now, the 4th step is where I am impressed! The texture is great, the scent is delightful, and it makes my hair super shiny and smooth (when applying it on dry hair) – without looking greasy! I can see myself buying this with my own money over and over again!

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