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What I Got Wednesday – Glowy skincare

March 27, 2024

Thank you, @pixibeauty, for sending me a selection of products meant to help my skin glow!

“This boosting treatment mist gives a revitalized, awakened effect to complexion. The orange blossom water base is blended with skin-loving citrus fruit extracts, lavender, and arginine that strengthen and tone, adds hydration and a protective veil. It cools, refreshes & wakes up skin.”

Sheet mask:
“…instantly awakens and energises the skin for a radiant finish. Caffeine helps to de-puff and energise, vitamin C brightens and promotes collagen production while ferulic acid provides an much-needed antioxidant boost to complexions.”

“…a vitamin-C infused under eye perfector that blurs and energizes to give an instant awakening effect. This refreshing treatment in a tube brightens and restores vibrancy.”

I am a huge fan of @pixibeauty’s face mists and sheet masks, so I was not at all surprised that these versions were great, too! My favorite sheet mask is still the GLOW one (, but I think this is now my favorite mist from them because it’s glowy, moisturizing, and refreshing! As for the eye brightener, I feel like I’ve tried a lot of products like this lately and, while this has a lower amount of pigmentation, it hydrates really well. I have yet to try it underneath concealer, but I have a feeling it will look beautiful!

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