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Mani Monday – Toy Story collaboration nail lacquer

March 25, 2024

Thank you, @nailtopiabeauty, for sending me another one of your beautiful Toy Story collaboration nail lacquers!

“Plant-based, bio-sourced, renewable ingredients, and clean manufacturing make @nailtopiabeauty the eco-friendliest nail brand.

Unlike most nail brands, @nailtopiabeauty’s sustainable formulates are made with plant-based bio-sourced fruit & vegetables. Our biotechnology is a greener process that considerably reduces environmental footprint.

Most nail lacquers are 10% bio-sourced while @nailtopiabeauty nail lacquer is 85% bio-sourced. Vegetable based ingredients like potato, corn, wheat, and manioc partially replace conventional petrochemical solvents, plasticizer, and nitrocellulose. Which means @nailtopiabeauty lacquer is more breathable and healthier for your nails.

All @nailtopiabeauty nail color & care is all-free, non-toxic, 100% vegan & Leaping Bunny approved!”

If you look at the shade on @ultabeauty’s website, it looks nothing like what I received, so keep that in mind if you go to order and think your eyes are deceiving you! Thankfully, I love the shade (although I am sure I would have loved what’s represented on the website, to) and think it’s perfect for almost spring! As always, the formula impressed me – it applied very smoothly and was opaque in two (2) coats. I just applied it yesterday, so I can’t speak to the longevity of this color in particular, but, if it’s anything like all of their others have performed on me, this will be completely chip-free for several days!

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