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What I Got Wednesday – pH reactive blush

March 20, 2024

Thank you so much to @pixibeauty for sending me your new blush to test out!

“Innovative and hydrating solid cheek tint formulated with a pH reactive pigment for a flush of colour unique to you!

🔘 Ensures every individual can achieve their own individual shade of blush
🔘 Infused with our go-to blend of nourishing ingredients
🔘 Hydrating solid cheek tint that conditions as well as provides colour
🔘 Paraben-free
🔘 Not tested on animals”

How fun that @pixibeauty sent me two (2) of these so that I could gift one to a friend! However, since I frequently gift my friends makeup, look forward to seeing it in a future giveaway! As for my experience with the one I’m keeping for myself, I really enjoy it! Having tried their On-the-Glow blushes in the past (, I knew I already liked the applicator and formula, but I wasn’t sure if I would be a big fan of the claim that it’s pH reactive. Now, I can’t speak to how well this would work on darker skin tones, but, on my light skin, it’s beautiful! Plus, as with all @pixibeauty complexion products I’ve tried, it lasts all day long. For the price, I recommend this or any other of their On-the-Glow blushes (especially Ruby)!

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