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Try Out Tuesday – AHA + BHA toner

March 12, 2024


Thank you so much to @renskincare for sending this to me! I normally finish that sentence with “to test out,” but, as you can see, I had gotten a sample size with a previous order and loved it! So, I already knew I was going to be a fan – I just wanted to make sure all of you knew how great of a product it is!

“Get visibly brighter skin quick with this resurfacing toner formulated with AHA and BHA to stimulate natural exfoliation. Gentle enough for daily use and non-irritating on sensitive skin, the formula smooths skin, reduces the appearance of pores, and improves the look of dark spots.”

Toner is one of my favorite skincare steps because it just makes my skin feel so super clean! This one does that and then some. I love that it’s exfoliating while removing any remnants of makeup and/or skincare and, because of the AHA and BHA, it leaves me looking glowy, but not greasy. I can feel that it’s working, but it’s much more gentle than some other exfoliating toners I’ve used in the past – so I definitely think that people with sensitive skin could use this without issue. I have tried many toners in the past, but can absolutely see this one being in my rotation for years to come!

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