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Mane Monday – Non-aerosol, talc-free dry shampoo

March 11, 2024


One of my must-have hair products is dry shampoo, but the large aerosol cans are difficult to travel with, so recently, I have been on the hunt for something that’s more packing-friendly. I had seen this one all over social media, so when I had the opportunity to apply to try it, I jumped at it and, thankfully, I was chosen to receive it to test out!

“Super concentrated, this powder equals four aerosol cans*, a little goes a long way. Blended with desert-derived Mojave Yucca for natural cleansing properties, the gentle color-safe formula leaves your scalp feeling clean and refreshed. @daehair’s dispenser “poofs” like magic. Poof, you can skip wash dae!”

I wanted to love this product SO BAD! The scent is incredible, the amount of product you get is fantastic, I was obsessed with the amount of volume it gave – this would have been ideal to bring with on short and long trips alike. However, it didn’t perform well on my hair. I tried it a multitude of ways – all of the ways I currently use dry shampoo. Applying it exactly per the instructions, applying it and letting it sit for several minutes before massaging it in, and applying it before bed and letting it sit overnight. Doing it the 2nd and 3rd ways was disastrous. It caked up on my scalp and, when I tried to massage it in, the flakes were everywhere. The only way it didn’t get flaky for me was to leave it on for 15-30 seconds before massaging it in (which, I understand, is what the directions say). Once I figured out the best way to use it, my hope was restored, but only for a short time because it didn’t make my hair feel or look cleaner for longer than a couple of hours. I’ll continue to use this until it’s gone, but only on days when I need the slightest refresh.

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