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Tattoo Thursday – Makeup-themed tattoo

March 7, 2024

When @jer.makes.da.artz and I made a plan to finish up my right arm sleeve over multiple full-day sessions, in order to heal properly and reload my bank account 😂, we scheduled them for every two (2) months – January, March, May…etc. I felt like I had just had my January appointment when the time came for my March one and, like with all tattoos appointments, I was super excited! He was able to complete four (4) pieces this time around and, since, per usual, they’re all amazing, I’ll be showcasing each in their own individual posts over the next couple of weeks!

I can’t pick a favorite, so I am just going to post them in the order he completed them. When we started the process, I sent @jer.makes.da.artz a long list of items and said I wanted to try and include as many of them as possible, keeping in mind I have only a certain amount of space and didn’t want his creativity limited by having to cram in designs at a certain size that didn’t fully display his incredible work. Of course, if you look at my social media feeds, you’ll quickly learn that I’m obsessed with all things makeup, so it only made sense to work that into a tattoo sleeve comprised of things that I love! I also can’t get over how well it fits underneath my Deadpool and Baby Groot tattoo!

Is there something you love that you want a tattoo of?! If yes, let me know what it is in the comments! I love talking tattoos with anyone that’ll listen! 😁

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