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Worth the Hype Wednesday – Dryspun Texture Spray

March 6, 2024

If you have been a follower of mine for any amount of time, you would know that big hair is something I strive for every day! So, when @bumbleandbumble reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in receiving their Bb. Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray to test out and review, I instantly said yes! Not only because I want volume and texture in my hair, but because I love the brand!

“…a translucent dry finishing volume spray delivers +40% more volume instantly vs. untreated hair (and it lasts all day), plus lift and airy texture.”

🔘 How to use: Shake well, hold can 10 inches away from dry hair, and spray in even strokes where you want lift and airy texture.
🔘 From the pros: To support texture, try spraying with your head upside down. Want a midday boost? Apply this hair mist at the root and give hair a tousle.
🔘 Formulated with a texturizing blend of zeolite and silk powder
🔘 Formulated without mineral oil, formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens
🔘 Cruelty-free

Photo one (1) is immediately after application, photo two (2) is immediate before application, and photo three (3) is two (2) hours after application. As you can tell, the difference immediately after application is impressive! However, a lot of products like this one do that for me. What most don’t do is hold that texture and volume for longer than ten (10) minutes and this does that! Even better, it doesn’t feel heavy or too tacky in the hair and it smells divine!

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