Thursday Thoughts – Lip plumper w/ caution tape label

February 22, 2024

A fun fact about me is that I’m obsessed with lip plumpers. Seriously, the stronger the better and I have yet to find one I can’t handle. So, when I saw that @nyxcosmetics had released ones that came with caution tape on them, warning users about their potency, you better believe I snatched it up immediately!

“CAUTION! CAUTION! May cause duck lips! Get instant and overtime plumping for the ultimate injectionless pout with Duck Plump Extreme Sensation Plumping Gloss! Feel the extreme plumping sensation powered by spicy ginger. Giving you 2 transparent shades and 16 high pigment shades to play from! Maximum intense color with minimum effort! Vegan formula. Pro performance.”

I purchased the shade Bangin’ Bare and I love it! It’s a perfect nude for me and, because of that, it goes with any makeup look. As for the formula, it’s great! However, if you don’t like plumping lip products and/or are sensitive to them, avoid this at all costs – it is strong! Also, if you get some in your mouth (and I promise, somehow, some way, it will get into your mouth), your mouth and throat will feel like they’re on fire for a couple of seconds. Again, like I said in the beginning, I like that sensation, so none of that bothered me. If that sounds very unpleasant, just take my word for it and don’t try it yourself. If it sounds intriguing, I highly recommend you pick it up!

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