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What I Got Wednesday – Pt. 2 of Valentine’s Day flash tattoo event

February 21, 2024

It’s time for the second half of my first ever tattoo flash event experience! Go to my post from Monday to read and see more about why I chose this shop to do this at, what the shop looks like, which artist did the work, what flash they had available, and more!

For my second (technically third) piece of flash that day, I had a few I really liked and asked @emilyolsontattoo to decide which she would prefer to tattoo. She chose the balloon animal and I’m super happy she did because it’s adorable and, of course, super well done!

Even though I checked visiting @desertrosetattoo off my list, there is no way I won’t be back for more work in the future! The shop was so inviting and everyone was super kind – I highly recommend you add it to your list, too!

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