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Must Have Monday – Valentine’s Day flash tattoo event

February 19, 2024

Another day, another tattoo (well, technically three (3) tattoos, but more on that later)! This time, it was at my first ever flash event! I chose this location because I had discovered Emily Olson’s work on Instagram a while back and had going to the shop she owns, Desert Rose Tattoo, on my list of things to do ASAP! When they released their Valentine’s Day flash designs, I knew it was my sign to check a visit off my list!

As you can see in a clip (which you can also see if you go to the shop’s Instagram), they had a lot of flash to choose from! You could also get a custom piece, but I wanted to get the full experience and chose art that had already been designed. The tattoos I’m showing you in this video were intended to be split up, but I loved the design as a whole, so, technically, even though it looks like one (1), it was two (2) tattoos from the flash options.

Now, when you go to a flash event, you normally just get whatever artist is available when your name is called, so, even though I had my fingers crossed for Emily, I would have been happy with anyone. Thankfully, it must have been my lucky day because that’s who I got! While getting these tattoos, I had mentioned that there was another one I had been eyeing, but wasn’t sure if time would allow for it. She said I definitely could get another, so I did and will post that on Wednesday!

Even though I checked visiting Desert Rose Tattoo off my list, there is no way I won’t be back for more work in the future! The shop was so inviting and everyone was super kind – I highly recommend you add it to your list, too!

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