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What I Got Wednesday – Travel MUST-HAVE

February 14, 2024


When I first applied for this campaign with @_rydir via @skeepers_us, I saw that it encouraged photos taken at an airport or train station. I figured I would likely be at an airport before the deadline for post submissions came, but plans changed, so that didn’t happen. That’s when @silsetham said “Hold my beer” and took me to the hangar where one of the private planes he flies is stored at. So, while I didn’t actually get to fly private, the photos are still pretty impressive!

Is this concept simple? Yes. But have I been looking for something like this for years? 100%! I have so many bags that don’t have a trolley sleeve and they just slip right off my suitcase handle with any sudden movements. This is not only excellent for keeping your personal item in place, but it’s perfection for protecting it, too! I own some mid-tier handbags currently, but am saving up for a high-end designer bag and was already worried about how I would keep it looking brand new while traveling with it. I plan to use it to attach to my suitcase, but then I’ll also use it as basically a custom fit dust bag when placed under the seat in front of me. Again, so simple, yet I am confident it’s something I now can’t live without!

I don’t often say you need something, but, if you travel, for only $33, this is basically a must-have!

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