Thursday Thoughts – Super affordable mascara

February 8, 2024

I was gifted this mascara through @pinchme. Unrelated to the product, I don’t love the platform, so can’t recommend you take any time looking into it. Now, back to the point of this post! As I’ve said many times before, I love testing out mascaras and this one is crazy affordable, so I was even more excited to test it out!

🔘 Plumping formula separates lashes & adds length, volume, & curl
🔘 Buildable volume
🔘 Suitable for sensitive eyes

This mascara is only $3.99! So, just know, as long as it hadn’t been absolute trash, I would have recommended it because I haven’t encountered too many beauty products at this price point that are actually passable. Thankfully, it’s nowhere near bad! I got great length and volume – as you can tell by the photos. It can get a little clumpy on coat two (2), so I included my favorite lash separator in the link below, too. I also only experienced the tiniest bit of smudging on my under eye (the right eye, like always EYEROLL), but I think that’s because I did two (2) coats on my lower lashes, making them extra long. I normally don’t worry too much about removal because I don’t mind mascaras being difficult, but this was easy! Overall, I highly recommend this!

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