Thursday Thoughts – Impressive under eye brightener

February 1, 2024

Color correctors have gone slightly viral lately due to one brand in particular. I did buy that one, but I also bought this one and plan to review both, but will also comment on my preference once the next post goes live!

🔘 Up to 12 hour moisturizing wear & crease-resistant coverage
🔘 Quickly covers up blemishes or dark spots to transform your look instantly
🔘 Sponge tip applicator lets you apply with ease in a click
🔘 Infused with Goji berry & Haloxyl to create a radiant refreshed looking eye area
🔘 Oil-free
🔘 Fragrance-free
🔘 Non-comedogenic & suitable for sensitive skin

When I purchased this, I assumed what I would experience, when using it, would be a slightly brighter under eye and that’s all. However, as you can tell in the photos, it does so much more! The first photo has this product on underneath concealer and foundation on both under eyes. The second photo has this product only on my right under eye with nothing on my left under eye. The third photo has this product only on my right under eye and concealer on my left under eye. Also, no need to comment on how bad the pictures are. When I smiled, you couldn’t see the full effect, so I had to look like I was posing for a mug shot 😂 How it magically makes my dark circles disappear is so impressive! From now on, as long as I remember, I plan to use this every time I apply my makeup!

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