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Thursday Thoughts – Super hydrating skincare regimen

January 25, 2024

Thank you to @muradskincare for gifting me a selection of your skincare products! I hadn’t used anything from the brand in a while, so I was excited to see if the incredibly glowing reviews (none of these average less than 4.7 stars on @ultabeauty’s website) would mean a positive experience for me!

🔘 Eye cream:
“…a next-gen eye cream that reduces the appearance of deep-set lines/wrinkles, visibly lifts and firms droopy, sagging lids and folds and restores elasticity.”

🔘 Serum:
“…repairs skin barrier in 30 minutes to deliver hydration at the cellular level for stronger, healthier skin.”

🔘 Moisturizer:
“…a daily nourishing cream with fatty acids from bilberry omegas that immediately repairs dry, flaky skin at the cellular level.”

I knew these items would be good, but how good blew me away! I have used all three (3) products together for the last week and, seeing as though it’s winter and my skin is the driest I’ll ever see it, I knew I was putting these to the test. Recently, I have been choosing sleep over waking up early to apply a full face of makeup occasionally, so I applied this regimen in the morning and then slept in it. When I woke up, I was shocked when I touched my skin and it still felt just as hydrated as the day before – which was the most hydrated my skin had felt in a long time! So, not only do these moisturize like crazy, you will be able to enjoy that feeling all day long and then some! Now, I do understand that their price tags are steep. So, if I was only able to keep one, I would absolutely say the Repair Cream. But if you have it in your budget, I would highly recommend you try all of them!

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