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Try Out Tuesday – Super viral affordable concealer

January 16, 2024

If you are on the beauty side of social media, there is no way you haven’t been bombarded by the amazing reviews of this product, so you know I had to try it, too!

“The quickest way to fix it all! Correct, Conceal, and Brighten in a swipe! Color correcting made easy with 6 color correctors for all skin tones.18 complexion shades to conceal & brighten like a pro! Crease resistant, medium coverage with a natural finish! Infused with hyaluronic acid. Smoothest glide that’s never dry! Vegan and cruelty free!”

I purchased the shades Pink (for color correcting) and Vanilla (for concealing), but today, I’m just reviewing Vanilla. I have used this on three (3) separate occasions – once underneath foundation, once on its own, and once on top of. The first and third time I wore it, I loved it. The color, the blendability, the coverage, the longevity – all fantastic. The second time I wore it, I hadn’t prepped my skin well and, because of that, my under eyes and forehead, where I had applied it, looked dry and patchy. Now that I know how it works best with my skin, I really enjoy it! My main issue is the amount of product you get. I definitely think they could have made the component at least twice the size, at least doubling the amount of product. However, since the performance is so good and @nyxcosmetics normally goes on sale, I will likely purchase it again in the future.

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