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Worth the Hype Wednesday – Scalp soothing pre-wash hair oil

January 10, 2024


Worth the Hype Wednesday:
Today, I’m reviewing @briogeo’s Scalp Revival Rosemary Pre-Wash Oil!

“An expertly formulated, moisturizing treatment oil rooted in rosemary and fortified with vitamins and lipids for a soothed scalp and stronger strands.

This pre-wash treatment is formulated with naturally derived oils to fortify the scalp-skin barrier while deeply moisturizing the hair. Its tingle-free formula is gentle on sensitive scalps and provides all the benefits of rosemary oil—without the burn.”

Since I am obsessed with dry shampoo, products like these are a must have for me – especially in the winter when my scalp gets particularly dry and itchy. I have used this on two (2) occasions and both times let it sit on my scalp for over two (2) hours. The applicator makes putting it on so easy! Why some scalp products don’t come with nozzles like this baffles me because then it’s nearly impossible to place the product where you need it without being wasteful and making a mess. I also found that it moisturized my scalp and made my entire head of hair feel more silky smooth. What it didn’t do was completely eliminate my flakes (see my scalp before my scrolling to the last photo), although, reading through the claims, I’m not sure that is its main purpose. Hopefully, as I continue to use it (which I definitely will), my scalp won’t get as dry and flaky and I can add this to my holy grail hair product stash!

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