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What I Got Wednesday – Affordable & effective skincare

December 27, 2023

I actually received two (2) of these exact PR packages previously, so am super excited to be including both of these in an upcoming giveaway! Below is the same review I gave back in mid-November because my opinion hasn’t changed.

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms and this one piqued my interest because I had seen it on social media recently, so when I received it, I was so ready to try it out! My daily makeup routine consists of all the steps (primer, foundation, concealer, powder, etc.), so I was really able to put this to the test. To start, I love the consistency. While I also enjoy cleansing oils, they can be a bit messy. This was very easy to massage in without getting it anywhere I didn’t want it. As for the performance, it was great – it took off my face makeup with ease. The only place it struggled was with my mascara, but, with just a few extra seconds, everything was off. What I found most impressive was the complete lack of eye irritation I experienced! There are very few makeup removal products that I have tried that don’t bother me at all and this product has now been added to that very short list! I definitely recommend it!

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