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Thursday Thoughts – 36-hour wear brow gel

December 21, 2023

Since becoming obsessed with a product similar to this from @nyxcosmetics (linked below in my @shop.ltk), I couldn’t resist trying this one from @maybelline (also linked below) in hopes that I would find something better, even if I knew that would be a tough task!

🔘 Wipe, swipe & go for thicker, life-proof brows
🔘 Delivers high pigment color to quickly fill brows for a naturally thicker finish
🔘 Sculpted brows last up to 36 hours
🔘 Ultra-resistant formula resists water, sweat, smudging & transfer
🔘 Available in various ultra-performing shades that deliver high pigment color
🔘 Easy-to-remove formula with waterproof makeup remover
🔘 98 percent of users saw thicker looking brows

When I took the photos you’re seeing of my eyebrows, that was over ten (10) hours into wear, without any touch-ups, so it’s safe to say the claim they make about it being long-lasting are accurate (there’s no way I’d wear it for 36 hours, so I’ll just take their word on that 😂)! The formula, compared to my current @nyxcosmetics favorite, is much thinner, messier, and harder to clean up. It also doesn’t feel like it’s holding my brows in place, but it’s obvious it still does, so I can put aside my want to have them feel glued down as long as they behave as though they are. Now, if I had tried this product before trying the one from @nyxcosmetics, I may think more favorably about it. However, since I know how good that one is and how well it works on my eyebrows, that’s the one I’m going to keep repurchasing (which I’ve already done at least four (4) times!).

If you’ve tried both, do you prefer one over the other? If you haven’t, after looking into both, which do you think would work best for you?

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