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Mani Monday – Magnetic, easy-to-apply fake nails

December 18, 2023

If you saw my @kissproducts PR package unboxing last Thursday, you would have seen this set of nails! Obviously, I couldn’t wait to try out one of the magnetic sets I was gifted because I almost instantly put them on! As always, they were easy to size and apply. Also, I’m even more impressed with the finish now that they’re on! My only issue is the shape – I just don’t think it works well for me. Ever since I broke my middle finger playing basketball in high school, resulting in a surgery to fix the break that I had let heal incorrectly, that nail is so much larger than the others and short, squared-off fake nail styles just don’t look flattering and make it stand out more than it already does. I will gladly wear them until it’s time for them to come off because they are just so incredibly beautiful, but I can’t see myself wearing this style ever again.

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