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Thursday Thoughts – Affordable, long lasting, medium coverage foundation

December 7, 2023

After hearing nothing but positive reviews for this product over and over and over again, I decided I needed it in my collection! However, since I am on a very reduced spending plan to save up for my first ever high-end designer bag, I didn’t feel comfortable buying it until I had a manufacturer’s coupon, as well as a coupon from @walgreens that I got because of the recent vaccines we got there! Thankfully, all of those stars aligned because, spoiler alert, I love it!

There are 18 shades and I purchased the 5th lightest – 120 Light with Neutral Warm Undertones. It’s a tiny bit dark and warm for me, but still workable. When I get a bit more color in the summer, I’ll likely try shade 129 Light Medium with Neutral Undertones. It blends very easily and into a light/medium coverage. It claims to last up to 24 hours and, while I haven’t kept it on for quite that long, I have given it a solid fourteen (14) hours of wear and it looked identical at the end of the day as it did immediately after application. While my skin is less oily this time of year, I still glow a bit after a few hours, but this kept my skin looking beautifully satin matte the entire time! If you have been looking for an affordable (always look for coupons!), long lasting, easy to use foundation, look no further than this one!

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