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Must Have Monday – My go-to paper planner

December 4, 2023

Even though electronic calendars can be so high tech and functional, there is nothing, for me, that can compare to the feeling of physically writing down and the crossing off events and tasks from a paper planner. That’s why, every year, I scour the internet for the one that fits my needs the most. Thankfully, the planner I chose to get last year worked so well that I got the same brand again, just in the larger size and I’m so pleased! It gives me everything I could want, along with a couple of things I don’t need (stickers, my “Dinner” plan for each day… 😂). I will likely be buying @thedaydesigner for years to come! If you are also a paper planner fan, or have considered becoming one, definitely check out this brand!

Also, is anyone shocked that the @villainarts Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Festival was one of the first things I wrote in when I got this in November?!

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