Mani Monday – Gorgeous press-ons

November 27, 2023

Every month or so, I get the urge to apply press-ons and, once that feeling came over me this time around, I knew exactly which ones I was going to apply! I purchased this set, along with two (2) others from @glamnetic (which I’ll link below), and am going to have a hard time not wearing press-ons three (3) consecutive manicures in a row – especially considering how perfect for the holidays they all are (although they really would be great any time of the year)!

As always, I followed all of the instructions for application and they went on quickly and easily. The only issue I had was when I noticed it appeared as though a piece of fuzz had been sealed into the pinky nail on my left hand. I tried to lightly buff it out (planning to just put a clear coat of polish over it to bring back the shine I knew I would take off), but it took more elbow grease than expected and I ended up removing some of the green color. I then scoured my collection and had to combine two (2) colors to get something that even slightly resembled their shade. It is nowhere near a perfect fix, so just do me a favor and don’t zoom in on it! 😂

While it came with glue, once I discovered nail glues that come with a brush (I linked my favorites below), I stopped using the small tubes that I had no control over and would always clog.

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