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Mani Monday – Disney Villains manicure + nail treatments

November 20, 2023

I have finally moved on from my black French manicure and that was because it was time to test out some of @nailtopiabeauty’s Disney Villains lacquers on my nails! As always, thank you so very much to @nailtopiabeauty for sending me these two (2) shades and a treatment kit!

Now, don’t ask me what this “nail art” is because I have no idea either. I had a vision, it didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to, so I just kept adding layers. I didn’t instantly remove it because I actually wasn’t totally upset by how it turned out! If I try it again another time with other shades, I will likely just choose for all the designs to go the same direction on my nails because I prefer the vertical over the ones that lean horizontal.

As for the shades, formula, and application process, as always, all were fantastic! Both shades were completely opaque with two (2) coats, the brush made painting quick and precise, and, three (3) days into wear, I have zero chipping!

I tested out the cuticle conditioner and it’s very good! Not greasy and super hydrating.

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