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Thursday Thoughts – Disney-themed nail lacquers

November 9, 2023

My black French manicure is still going very strong, but I still wanted to show off these beautiful nail lacquers gifted to me from @nailtopiabeauty, so I thought I would just do what I always do when I get a new polish and paint them on these swatch sticks! Almost every one I own has its own swatch stick (I say almost because I’m a little behind due to all of the traveling I have been doing the last several months) and it makes picking out my next manicure so fun and easy!

As always, I’m super impressed with the @nailtopiabeauty formula! The opacity is fantastic, the dimension of the two (2) with sparkle is incredible, and the brushes make quick and easy work of painting swatch sticks and actual nails! If you are a non-gel polish lover, you have to check into @nailtopiabeauty! Not only do they make great products, but they really care about the ingredients they put in and the packaging they use!

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