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What I Got Wednesday – Copper Peptide serum

October 25, 2023

Thank you, @peachandlily, for sending me your new Copper Peptide Pro Firming Serum!

“This weightless, scentless, silky serum contains a potent blue dose of 0.2% Copper Peptide, 12 additional peptides, and 4 amino acids to visibly smooth fine lines, crow’s feet, and deeply etched wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, squalane, and antioxidant-rich Korean herbal roots combine to support the Extracellular Matrix and maximize peptide power, for skin that looks and feels bouncy and firm.”

As you can tell by the amount left in the bottle, I have been really putting this to the test – wearing it on its own, wearing it underneath various moisturizers, pairing it with different makeup primers, etc. It absolutely gives my skin great hydration, and, because of that, my skin definitely looks more plumped up. What I’m not a huge fan of, and this is just personal preference, is the texture. I like my serums/oils to be thicker, so that they don’t spill out of my hands or run down my face before I’m able to work them into my skin. So, even though I really like the way this makes my skin look, I won’t be repurchasing after using it up. If you, however, have no skincare product texture preference, I do recommend you look into this as my skin really did enjoy it!

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