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Memory Monday – Unforgettable day at Minnesota Vikings joint practice

October 16, 2023

One of the benefits of being @vikings season ticket holders is that we were offered free tickets to training camp and, thankfully, @silsetham was home when they hosted a joint practice with his favorite @nfl team, the @titans!

Now, that would be a wonderful enough memory on its own, since @silsetham’s summer work schedule was insanely hectic, but it turned from a good day into a great day as practice wrapped up.

Let me set the scene for you. Along with being @vikings season ticket holders, we are also partial Timberwolves season ticket holders and our seats are very close to the last row, mid-court, and on the lower level. When it comes time, during breaks in the game, for the promotions crew to throw out t-shirts, I always try to make eye contact with one of the throwers that look like they have the arm strength to get it to the last row. Occasionally they do try, but rarely am I the one to snag it. Using that same rationale, at the end of @vikings’ joint practice, some of the players come over to the fan stands and throw out mini footballs. I had no interest in shoving through people to get something I wouldn’t appreciate nearly as much as the little kids would, so I just put my hands up, somewhat jokingly, as I hung out all alone (@silsetham had moved a couple of rows down) in the last row of the stands – waiting for the crowd to clear before leaving. @trishtonj (#9) saw me and must have had the same thought some of those Timberwolves t-shirt throwers sometimes had because he made eye contact with me and tried his best to get the mini football to travel further than it had ever traveled before. After having it fall short, I smiled at him and yelled, “Don’t worry about it!” – considering I was just doing it for fun. He must have not wanted to take no for an answer and tried again. And then a third time. When it fell short each time, I continued saying, “It’s OK, save them for the kids!” Just when I thought he had tried for the last time, he said something to a @vikings employee next to him and walked back to an equipment bag. He took out a real ball that had been used during practice, pointed at me, and said, “Come down here, this is for you!” I was shocked – and so was everyone else around me! People were asking what I did to get this amazing gift from @trishtonj and I honestly didn’t know, but to say I lit up with excitement would be a massive understatement! However, while that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, what impressed me the most was @trishtonj himself. He signed every piece of memorabilia that anyone asked him to, greeting every fan he encountered and appeared so genuinely excited to just be there. Because of that, he quickly shot to the top of my favorite NFL players!

I hesitated sharing the entire story because it’s quite long and the feelings I felt are hard to put into words, but I wanted to remind everyone to never stop being a kid, never stop being grateful for the little things, and pay attention when others are amazing people – it will help restore your faith in humanity.

Finally… SKOL, Vikings!

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