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Thursday Thoughts – Piercings in Charleston, SC

October 12, 2023

Since I’m taking getting tattoos a little more slowly at the end of 2023 than I did at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, while I was in Charleston at the beginning of this month, I had decided I wouldn’t get one commemorating the trip (although I definitely want to go back and get one for South Carolina in the future!). However, I had been wanting to get my conch re-pierced, but couldn’t imagine going into a piercing establishment and not also getting a new one, so that’s exactly what I did – along with @kristiblack414 and Sydney (@samjon18)!

In South Carolina, tattoo shops aren’t allowed to offer piercings, so I had to go to a standalone piercing place and the one I chose was @studs because the reviews were great and the proximity to my hotel was tolerable! The store was super cute and the employees were very nice! They had so many earring options – both for initial and healed piercings. I went with the gold-toned hammered disc for the re-piercing of my conch and gold-toned triangle for my new piercing – my flat. I used to just get placeholder earrings when getting new piercings, but, since I don’t want to constantly be changing my non-lobe earrings, I like to get ones in the difficult-to-change spots that I actually like and don’t want to rush to change out – potentially doing so before they’re completely healed.

If you’re in Charleston and want to get a new ear piercing, I highly recommend you go to @studs – ask for Jasmine!

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