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What I Got Wednesday – Hair & skincare recommendations for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

October 11, 2023

Thank you so very much to @aveneusa and @renefurtererusa for sending me a selection of your hair and skincare products to celebrate your brands having items featured during @amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

To check out my recommendations from these brands and more, go to my @amazon Storefront:!

Before I went to Italy, I was told by @julie_potter1977 and multiple videos on TikTok to be sure to go to as many farmacias as I could because the selection of amazing products is unmatched! I went into plenty of them and what brands were prominently displayed?! Both @aveneusa and @renefurtererusa (watch the video until the end to see photos I took inside of one)! If that doesn’t convince you to browse their offerings on @amazon today, I don’t know what will!

As soon as I unboxed the the scalp scrub and volumizing foam, I knew those had to be the first products I tested out! The volumizing foam smells SO good and the scent even lasts a while on my hair! It doesn’t give me the most volume I’ve ever experienced, but it does do a good job and the fragrance makes me want to use it every day! As for the scalp scrub, it’s powerful! I used a healthy amount (because that’s what I’m used to needing) and it did an excellent job of detoxifying my scalp and my hair was even less oily for a couple of days after!

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