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Thursday Thoughts – Volumizing hair products from one of my favorite brands

September 21, 2023

It’s still hard for me to believe that @livingproofinc reached out to me to send me free products to test out! So, thank you so very much to them for making me squeal with joy when the package arrived!

What I received:
🔘 Full Shampoo
⚫️ A gentle, yet thoroughly cleansing volumizing shampoo that gently yet thoroughly cleanses while helping to transform fine, flat hair to look, feel and behave like naturally full, thick hair.
🔘 Full Conditioner
⚫️ This detangling conditioner adds softness and shine—without the extra weight—for hair that looks like it’s naturally fuller.
🔘 Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
⚫️ A brilliant treatment and styler that’s formulated to smooth, strengthen, volumize, polish, and protect hair from heat damage in a single shot.
🔘 Style Lab Blowout
⚫️ A styling spray that makes blow-drying hair faster and easier by reducing brushwork by 30% for a better, long-lasting blowout.
🔘 Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray
⚫️ A versatile texturizing spray that turns up the volume on different styles for an imperfectly perfect lived-in look and feel.

I already knew I was obsessed with their texture spray, but I had never tried the other products, so I couldn’t wait to see how they worked with my hair! I have used each of them twice and am having a hard time deciding which I like the most since they all played a big part in why my hair looks so healthy and voluminous! The shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel so clean and hydrated, the styling treatment smoothed and heat protected my hair, and Blowout reduced my dry time! Now I look forward to washing my hair because it turns out looking so good afterward!

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