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Thursday Thoughts – Powder dry shampoo

September 14, 2023

#Viorigiftedme their @vioribeauty Dry Shampoo in Magnolia & Peony!

Since I only wash my hair 2-3 times per week, having high performing dry shampoos in my collection is a necessity! Ever since I fell in love with powdered dry shampoos last year, I have been wanting to try more, so I was very excited when I was told I would be receiving it!

“Introducing our luxurious powder dry shampoo, enriched with the sweet and soft fragrance of peony blended perfectly with the rich and soothing aroma of magnolia. This dry shampoo not only refreshes your hair between washes but also leaves your hair smelling like a blooming garden. Its powder formula helps to absorb excess oil and grease, giving your hair a refreshed and voluminous look. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to revitalized and heavenly scented hair with our peony and magnolia dry shampoo.”

Photo one (1) is after application and massaging into my hair. Photo two (2) is before application – two (2) days after my last wash, having used no dry shampoo since then. I like a lot about this! The packaging is fantastic because it appears as though it contains no plastic – something that is becoming more and more important to me. The product itself works well! Aside from the fact that it’s tinted, so it won’t leave a white cast (if that’s something that bothers you), it does a great job of absorbing my oils. Now, for what I’m not a massive fan of. It’s messy. Maybe it’s a bit of user error, but I have used it on several occasions and can’t seem to keep it from going all over my clothes. While the scent is pleasant, it doesn’t seem to make my hair smell nice – not even temporarily. In my dry shampoos, I want them to absorb oil and have a strong scent that lingers. Thankfully, I can add other products that do make my hair smell better, so, because of the things I do like, I will absolutely keep using this and will highly consider a repurchase in the future!

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