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What I Got Wednesday – Oil controlling skincare routine

August 23, 2023

Thank you so very much to @peach_slices for sending me your Oil Control Collection! Seeing as though the high temperature here in Minnesota today will be 98 degrees (yes, I have been singing “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” all day long), this was the perfect opportunity to test all of these out!

🔘 Balancing Cleanser
⚫️ This lightweight water-based gel cleanser absorbs oil & minimizes shine, without stripping skin dry, for a refreshed & balanced complexion
🔘 Balancing Mist
⚫️ This weightless & non-sticky mist absorbs excess oil while balancing skin over time
🔘 Pore Serum
⚫️ This concentrated serum minimizes oil & visibly reduces the appearance of pores for a smooth, shine-free finish
🔘 Mattifying Moisturizer
⚫️ This non-comedogenic moisturizer minimizes signs of excess oil production, mattifies shine, & nourishes skin

I didn’t see where it said the cleanser could be used to remove makeup, so I removed my makeup separately. My first impression is that it definitely cleansed my skin without making it feel stripped, so I look forward to continuing to use it! As for the mist, serum, & moisturizer, I am pretty dang impressed so far! The mist is refreshing & left my skin looking less shiny than before application. The serum is lightweight & instantly reduces any oiliness my skin was exhibiting beforehand. I used to have a favorite oil controlling moisturizer, but the company that made it went out of business, but I still remember how it made my skin feel & this moisturizer feels identical! I used all four (4) products before applying a full face of makeup today & skipped my normal oil controlling powders to see how these would do on their own &, after running several errands during lunch, working up a slight sweat, I am wowed by the only slight shine on my nose. I am not oil free, but it’s much better thawould have been just using my normal skincare.

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