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Thursday Thoughts – Redness reducing serum

August 17, 2023

Thank you to @cocokind for sending me their new Chlorophyll Discoloration Serum to test out!

“This spot fading serum combines the power of 1% alpha arbutin with licorice root and panthenol to reduce the appearance of discoloration, signs of UV damage, and post-blemish marks. For no-makeup days, antioxidant-rich chlorophyll instantly offsets redness and boosts radiance. After one month of daily use discoloration looks less noticeable.”

Hero Ingredients:
● 1% Alpha Arbutin
● Chlorophyll

What makes it unique:
● Sensitive skin-friendly way to target spots, uneven tone, and redness due to the unique formula that combines 1% alpha arbutin with licorice root an panthenol (vitamin B5)
● Instantly offsets redness and boosts radiance
● Noticeable fading of discoloration in 28 days
● Formulated without fragrance, essential oils, and common allergens

I have tried SO many products that claim to reduce redness because that is one of the things I am the most self-conscious about, but never get any visible results. I have been using this product at least once a day for the last couple of weeks and, while I didn’t notice anything at first, I applied a very light coverage product the other day and was shocked by how amazing my skin looked using just that. I was confused at first as to why, but then I remembered this product! I didn’t take progress photos, unfortunately, but this is the only thing that explains feeling like I can now cover more with less. In the photo with my face, I am only wearing a small amount of concealer under my eyes and down the center of my face (and bronzer, blush, etc., too). If you also struggle with redness, I highly recommend trying this out – especially since it’s much less expensive than most targeted skincare!

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