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Thursday Thoughts – New mascara release

August 10, 2023

#BenefitCosmeticsgiftedme their @benefitcosmetics Fan Fest Fanning & Volumizing Mascara!

I like this mascara A LOT! So much so that it’s the only one I’ve worn since receiving it! As you can tell from the one (1) and two (2) coat photos (the third and fourth photos in the carousel), this gives a fabulous amount of length and volume! However, most mascaras I try do that for me, so the real test is when I wear it multiple days in a row for many, many hours each day. I need to know if it will transfer, flake, or if my lashes will fall flat. Thankfully, none of those things happened! The only things, in my opinion, that could be viewed as cons are the fact that it can make your lashes look somewhat clumpy (if you click on the product link below, I’ll also list the tool I use to fix that issue) and it’s difficult to remove (which, if I want it to not transfer or flake, I can’t be surprised or upset that I need to use a little extra elbow grease to remove it at the end of the day). Overall, this is a fantastic mascara and I look forward to using it over and over again!

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