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Must Have Monday – A bra that feels like you’re not wearing a bra!

August 7, 2023

While everything I get sent for free for review makes me happy, when I get offered something that I consider almost a necessity that I will absolutely get use out of (if I like it), I get a little extra excited!

Thank you so very much to @floatley for sending me your To The T-Shirt Wireless Bra! Here is how @floatley describes this design:

“Experience unmatched comfort, support, and style with the To the T-Shirt Wireless Bra. Boasting with a revolutionary W cradle design that lifts and supports your body like never before, setting a new benchmark in the world of non-wired bras

The bra is designed with a focus on comfort, with an extended long-line design and embedded elastic gel wings that prevent irritation and provide a secure grip.”

What do I love about it?! Everything! It’s a beautiful color (but if you’re looking for something more neutral, it also comes in Champagne and Black), it’s super comfortable (I almost forget I’m wearing a bra when I have it on) and it fits like a dream!

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