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Friday Favorites – Fantastic cream blush & bronzer

August 4, 2023

For the longest time, I had watched other beauty content creators unbox beautiful PR packages from @merit and I secretly wished it was me. Cut to today, I don’t have to wish anymore! Thank you so very much to @merit for sending me these beautiful products!

As you can see from the video, the shades of both of these are stunning and work really well with my skin tone! I already have a blush of theirs, so I knew I loved the formula, but am happy to have added this color to my collection. The bronzer formula was new to me, though, and I love it as much as I was expecting to! Plus, they lasted for over twelve (12) hours on my skin.

Follow me, KatieSilsethBlogs (, on the @shop.ltk app to shop these products or just click here:! The link is also in my bio!

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