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Worth the Hype Wednesday – 24-hour press on false eyelashes

July 12, 2023

There are two (2) makeup techniques I have never been able to master – winged liner and false lashes. While the first is something I am confident I will never be great at, with practice, my lash applying skills have moved from non-existent to passable! Recently, @kissproducts gifted me these, first of their kind, press-on and go extensions and couldn’t wait to test them out!

So far, I have tested out the Natural and Voluminous varieties (four (4) sets of the Natural are on each eye in the photo where I’m wearing a blue top and four (4) sets of the Voluminous are on each eye in the photo where I’m wearing the polka dot top). Pros? I love the way they look, how lightweight they are, and how both lasted over the 24 hour claim! Cons? It took me forever to apply them (which is mostly user error, I’m sure) and, even after spending many minutes trying to perfect them, I couldn’t get them to line up evenly with each other. Also, while they didn’t feel secure when I was applying them, it’s obvious they were since they lasted much longer than I expected! So, will I wear these again when the occasion calls for it or when I’m just in the mood to be a little more dramatic than normal? Absolutely, but they won’t be replacing my favorite mascaras for daily use anytime soon.

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