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Wonderful Wednesday – My Custom Brickheadz Brick Me Figures

June 14, 2023

#mycustombrickheadzgiftedme two (2) of their @my.custom.brickheadz Brick Me Figures ($59.95 – and, as you can tell by the video, this is one of the most fun collaborations I’ve ever done!

My verdict?
While I am so grateful that @my.custom.brickheadz sent me these Brick Me Figures, I have @silsetham to thank for putting them together so that I could film! It was a longer process than we both expected, but the second time around, it went much faster because we organized the pieces better and, simply put, @silsetham has less hair than I do! 😂 The reason I chose the photo I did was because that day was very special to us. Taken back in January of 2022, this was the first (and, so far, the only) time I had flown with @silsetham as my pilot! While, of course, that memory will never disappear, it’s nice to have a physical reminder of how wonderful that moment was!

Considering the price and how well the final product turned out, I highly recommend this for you or anyone you want to treat to a gift that’s also a super fun activity! Great for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays – the person or people receiving the gift will be elated!


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