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Tattoo Thursday – Travel tattoo in Wichita, KS

April 20, 2023

When I was first inspired to start my travel tattoo sleeve by a fabulous bartender at Stone Arch in the @mspairport, I thought I would get a tattoo everywhere I traveled – no matter the reason I was there. So far, I have gotten one on a friend trip to Ireland, a work/family trip to New Orleans, a work trip to Dallas, a work trip to Las Vegas, my bachelorette party in Nashville, and, my newest one, @silsetham’s work trip to Kansas! What I realized is, with all the trips I take (at least eight (8) per year) and with the time commitment that comes along with getting tattooed, I needed to start being more selective. To continue my new plan, I made an appointment with @lindseybendsey at @timehonoredtattoo because being with @silsetham for his recurrent training was something I had never done before and it was important enough for me to want to commemorate it on my arm!

As I always do, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Not only did I leave with an amazing piece of art from @lindseybendsey, I had a great conversation with her and got to explore a part of Wichita I wouldn’t have gone to without making the appointment! If my journey sounds intriguing to you, I highly recommend you try it out on your next important trip!

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