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Makeup Monday – Full face details + lash extension update

April 3, 2023

I’ve been obsessed w/ this routine ever since getting extensions w/ @summerlashmn, so I wanted to share what products I used and an update on how my lashes have worn!

🔘 @sundayriley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream ($65 for 1.7 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+jKof12PQO3RIkuEvwCjgUA)
🔘 @elfcosmetics Halo Glow Liquid Filter in 2 Fair/Light ($14 for 1.06 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+dQKenDdV4R_G_Ue_oF4Tzw)
🔘 @nyxcosmetics Thick it Stick it! Thickening Brow Mascara in Brunette ($11 for .23 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+ycCJd47hd9BokVkpE-k6tg)
🔘 @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Freeze ($23 for .28 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+q3iLISVt49-kPkhT1-OhRQ)
🔘 @janeiredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation in Suntan ($46 for .35 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+mxzfKsJyTHxeUuQGnfOXdg and $20 for Refillable Compact – https://rstyle.me/+ETWEY9jumPXC9quKBiC_FQ)
🔘 @itcosmetics Bye Bye Pores Bronzer ($36 for .3 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+N1Anyc3YMLagByEUe_Gh7w)
🔘 @burtsbees Blush in Bare Peach ($9.99 for .19 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+SakNaYDVaxxXrNLwylDMJA)
🔘 @stilacosmetics Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten ($34 for .35 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+XAVzjv4eCbdBWB9hQjpXvQ)
🔘 @charlottetilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($23 for 1.1 oz. or $38 for 3.3 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+heIIGFrT3JmyNjIEq8XMpg)
🔘 @patricktabeauty Major Volume Plumping Lip Gloss in Superficial ($26 for .3 oz. – https://rstyle.me/+x2BE-kOs0pPuQ1tvfzlrtg)

Lash update:
Have I lost lashes since I got them on March 19th? Yes – starting about a week in. However, have they still looked presentable the entire time? I think so – & I definitely didn’t expect that! I cleansed them daily (https://rstyle.me/+J8aosrN87psVKzZQtjhIzA) & applied that cleanser w/ a freshly washed brush (https://rstyle.me/+MH9UoUyz2DxwenUoLaArag). That cleansing routine, along w/ sleeping on my back, I think had a real positive impact on how long they’ve lasted. I was hoping I’d hate them so that I didn’t become addicted to another expensive beauty service, but I love them! They drastically reduced the amount of time my routine took & gave me such a boost in self confidence!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the links listed above.

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