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Focus on What’s Right Friday – Shared Influence partnership

February 24, 2023

@sharedinfluence was created in response to the challenges that even the strongest communities are facing today. The opioid crisis combined w/ the COVID-19 pandemic has increased drug use, resulted in more overdoses, & caused the spread of infectious diseases like HIV & hep C. We’ve all been impacted & many of us have lost loved ones. It doesn’t have to be this way. @sharedinfluence is an online community that helps spread the word about the types of tools that create healthier communities. Spreading the word & using your influence for good can make a difference. No matter why someone uses drugs, the health, well-being, & dignity of every person in our community matters.

If we’re truly a community that steps up for each other, we must respect the type of help our neighbors or loved ones are ready to receive. That might mean helping someone access treatment options, but it could also mean helping someone else use drugs more safely. Harm reduction programs do this by reducing the risks associated with using drugs, like overdose and infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases like HIV & hep C often spread through the use of certain drugs. So, when harm reduction programs provide safe ways to dispose of used syringes, as well as access to new & sterile syringes, it reduces the potential for these diseases to spread in our community.

Places that offer harm reduction services are about much more than syringes. They also connect people to other important resources like Narcan, substance use treatment, disease testing & care, & social & mental health services.

As someone who lives right outside of & frequently finds themself in Minneapolis, I want nothing but the best for this community. The reason that I have continued partnering w/ @sharedinfluence is because they focus on providing accurate information on services and resources that can support our neighbors and loved ones.

Join me in this effort to help create a stronger, healthier Minneapolis by spreading awareness about how harm reduction programs can help. You can start by signing up for @sharedinfluence at

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