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Friday Favorite – Tattoo w/ Jordanne Le Fae at Weird Ink Society

January 13, 2023

2022 (and the beginning of 2023) was clearly my year to make up for the decade before that I talked about wanting a tattoo, but never followed through! However, my resolution for the rest of 2023 is to focus on saving money and enjoying the tattoos I already have (even though I already know of two (2) more I’ll be getting – one (1) in February and one (1) in March 😂)!

The biggest reason for wanting to just take time to admire what I already have is this amazing piece designed and tattooed by @fae.tattoos! I had followed her on TikTok for months (https://www.tiktok.com/@fae.tattoos?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc) and was shocked when I saw she was local (@weirdinksociety in St. Paul, MN to be exact)! I was shocked, yet again, when she opened her books and I was able to get an appointment! It took around eight (8) hours to complete and the pain was tolerable (until she got close to my armpit!). I am so insanely pleased with how it turned out and the experience at her studio was amazing – I want to go back just to catch up with all of the fantastic people that work there! I highly recommend you check out @fae.tattoos on Instagram and TikTok so that you can make an appointment when her books are open, too!

Finally, a huge shoutout to my love, @silsetham, for driving me to my appointment, hanging out all day, and taking fantastic photos! The really well lit photos are thanks to @fae.tattoos herself and all others are courtesy of @silsetham!

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