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Must Have Monday – Tattoo w/ @jer.makes.da.artz at Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio

December 19, 2022

Were you just thinking that I hadn’t posted tattoo content in far too long? Well, I would agree with you, so here it is! On Saturday, I had the pleasure of getting tattooed by @jer.makes.da.artz at @oceanbluetattoo. As a Bloomington resident, I was always intrigued by my local tattoo shop, but it wasn’t until I complimented the receptionist at the salon I go to on her tattoos, @tillverkareforhair, that she told me her significant other had done them and that he worked at @oceanbluetattoo. It was fate! I emailed the shop the next day and got on the books as soon as I could!

As for the design, if you remember back to my post from the beginning of this year, I had some tattoos designed by a graphic artist on @fiverr (https://www.instagram.com/p/CZNIV3Qp238/). I wanted a starting off point that I was confident in, so that I didn’t agree to a piece I wasn’t comfortable with – just because I have a hard time saying no. As you can tell by the design that was put on my arm, @jer.makes.da.artz changed it up a bit and I was super happy he did! Not only because I absolutely love how it turned out, but also because it then meant that I had something more custom. Part of the reason I get tattoos is because I love the idea of having art all over my body and I want the artist to have their input on the design. With this piece, I got the best of both worlds and can’t wait until it’s all healed (and the weather gets warmer) so I can show it off!

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