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Transformation Tuesday – Hair appointment w/ Painted by James

October 25, 2022

I hadn’t seen @paintedbyjames at @tillverkareforhair since May of this year, so it was definitely time for a visit! I wanted my roots darker, my money pieces bolder, and for it all to just melt together into one beautiful head of fall colors – which is exactly what James was able to accomplish! Now, having a stylist that knows you and your hair routine is important because I went in with an idea (well, several ideas) – most of which would have had me coming back for maintenance every few months. Since that is normally something I am unable to manage, we revised my plan slightly to find the perfect intersection between massive change and just touching up what we had done before. I absolutely love the end result, but do plan to take it a step further next time with even more contrast (or something else entirely because, you know, I change my mind often 🤣)!

If you are in need of an amazing colorist and/or an extensions expert, be sure you book with @paintedbyjames ASAP!

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