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Travel Tuesday – Travel tattoo in Las Vegas, NV

October 11, 2022

I sure hope none of you are getting tired of my tattoo content because I’m not stopping anytime soon! However, honestly, I didn’t think I would have time to get inked during my trip to Las Vegas last week. I was there for a work conference Tuesday through Friday and @silsetham and I had planned to stay through the weekend to eat, drink, sleep in, sports bet, and possibly fit in a tattoo appointment. When @silsetham ended up having to work on Saturday, we changed our plans and scheduled flights for early Saturday morning, rather than Sunday evening.

Almost immediately after landing on Tuesday night, I led Alex in the direction of @rockstartattoo_lasvegas – one of the shops I had on my short list to check out because the reviews were excellent and they took walk-ins. It was a 15-minute walk from our hotel, so we headed that way and I really lucked out when we walked in and were told @oconnor_ink was available immediately! It was somewhat close to closing time and several people came in after us, so it appeared our timing was perfect. I told him what I was trying to accomplish with my travel tattoo sleeve, showed him my inspiration photos, asked for his input on design and placement, and he got to work creating! From the drawing to the placement to the quality of the piece – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

While it may be clear what the inspiration for this piece was, I’ll tell you that I scrolled for hours making sure that, in the event I was able to find time to make it to a local shop, I had a concept in mind. Most tattoos I came across that were Las Vegas themed contained dice, roulette wheels, playing cards, etc., but those didn’t speak to me because I’ve never been anything but a penny slot gal! It was then that I switched my search to slot machines and that’s how this one came to be!

If you are on the strip in Las Vegas and want a tattoo (whether planned in advance or on a whim), I highly recommend @oconnor_ink at @rockstartattoo_lasvegas!

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