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Travel Tuesday – Travel tattoo in Dallas, TX

September 20, 2022

Another trip, another tattoo added to my travel sleeve! We didn’t rent a car while in Dallas, so I wanted somewhere I could walk to. When I narrowed my search to places within a 30-minute walk, I was pleasantly surprised to find @405ink had very talented artists with some of their books open and it was only an 8-minute walk from the @fairmontdallas, which is where we stayed! I crossed my fingers and toes and reached out to the phone number they said you should text your appointment request to (super convenient!). I got a response in no time and, after describing my vision and budget, I was told that I was all set with @inkbyabbz for the next day! To say I was thrilled after looking at her work on Instagram would be an understatement!

I chose the design that I did for several reasons. I made the decision that, when I get travel tattoos, as long as they are being placed on my travel sleeve, they will have something to do with either the city, state, or country I’m visiting. Also, if I can, I would love to incorporate an element that means something to me, too. In this case, while yes, the longhorn is a symbol often associated with the state of Texas, it’s also the mascot for @silsetham’s favorite college (aside from his own, of course) and he loves the school because his grandparents spent a lot of their time in Texas while he was growing up and, before technology allowed us the luxury of watching any game anywhere in the world, he was exposed to a lot of @utaustintx athletics! So, yes, it’s a super cool piece of art that @inkbyabbz absolutely knocked out of the park (sports pun intended) and, as a bonus, it has sentimental value to me and my husband and I’m not sure a tattoo can get any better than that! Finally, the bluebonnets – the state flower of Texas. I knew I would need to connect all of my travel pieces together at some point and the bluebonnets seemed to be a perfect way to start doing that! Plus, I am in love with how the feminine flowers contrast with the masculine skull!

Thank you again to @405ink for being so easy to work with, having one of the coolest tattoo studios I’ve ever been in, and choosing to settle in a location that was very close to my hotel and to @inkbyabbz for being amazingly talented and such a joy to chat with!

The next trip I’ll be taking where I may have time to get another tattoo would be Las Vegas! Any suggestions for an artist near @wynnlasvegas and/or what I should get?!

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