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Thursday Thoughts – tinc botanica After Tattoo Healing Salve

September 15, 2022

Back on September 4th, I had my second appointment with @seemoretattoos! This time, he shaded the top half of the addition to my back tattoo (you can see what it looked like as just an outline here: The outcome, as you can tell, was absolutely beautiful! While showing off his incredible work is part of this post, I want to equally call out the product I use that makes healing as enjoyable as it possibly could be!

As soon as I am advised to by my tattoo artist (instructions may vary), I start moisturizing my piece. I had tried other products in the past, but nothing wowed me. In the past, @amanda.tall, owner of @tincbotanica, had asked if I had any product ideas and I instantly thought about my need for a good healing lotion! She loved the idea (thankfully) and got right to work!

🔘 @tincbotanica After Tattoo Healing Salve ($16 for 2 ounces –
⚫️ Mindfully made with handcrafted herbal infusions and nourishing butters, this amazing “tinc” has been known to gently aid in the after tattoo healing process.
⚫️ This salve currently comes in a 2 ounce tin, but she can custom make larger sizes upon request.
⚫️ Ingredients: refined shea butter, raw shea butter, beeswax calendula-infused oil, plantain-infused oil, Oregon grape root-infused oil, and vitamin E.

My love for this product knows no bounds! Not only do I love the creator, but the ingredients are phenomenal and the performance is unparalleled!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the link listed above. There is no additional cost to you, but it supports me and my blog and I greatly appreciate it!

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